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(seems like i'm writing a journal once a year?)

Actually a lot of things had been in my mind, mostly bad things, like i ended up hating my job and confidence crisis, that's also why i don't upload drawings to deviantart. I had ideas but I was frustated that somehow I failed to incorporate those ideas.. but i'm not going to go into detail about it.

Let's have some fun instead. I keep my playlist up to date. I went to watch X-Men: The Days of Future Past, and it makes me wanna watch the X-Men animated series aired in 1990s. My favourite games are Age of Empires Series, and a bit of Counter Strike although I know full well I suck at it :p. Let's have some more kind of fun. I bought the book titled "Kon-Tiki" by a Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl, so let's finish it. It's about the voyage of Heyerdahl, who went across the Pacific Ocean from Peru to Fatu Hiva, French Polynesia using raft, to prove his theory that Polynesians originated from South America. Its main idea gives me ideas myself, because both French Polynesians and Indonesians are one group of people, the Austronesian people (though further, Indonesians belong to Malay people group, along with Malaysians and Philippines, while Polynesians belong to Oceanic people group, along with Maori and Hawaiian). What if the French Polynesians and Indonesians share the same ancestors, whether it's from Asia like many scientiests know, or even from South America like Heyerdahl proposed? This leads to a long chain of what-ifs, and it took me to, somehow, Nationstates and Alternate History.

I don't know. Are they any good? Maybe I'll try it. It looks so much fun though. Maybe I'll get to draw maps, and flags, and emblems, and I can upload it to deviantart :3
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Aldo Lazuardy
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just some guy who loves to draw in his spare times..

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